Services Title
Franklands Farm is a private facility and all horses are in full training or rehabilitation with the staff. Head trainer Gina Smith offers clinics throughout North America and is available to consult in a wide range of areas, particularly the purchase of young prospects for high level competition.

Gina Smith offers clinics throughout North America and is well respected for her ability to get the most out of her students while adhering to classical principles. Gina is a three-time Olympian and brings a wealth of knowledge from her competitive experiences as well as her time training in Europe.     Please contact us by email for information about clinics:     franklandsfarm@myhighspeed.ca

Clinic Pics

Gina Smith accepts a number of horses for training and is an effective and knowledgeable rider. Her methods and ability allow her to produce excellent results with a minimum amount of tension, resulting in horses that excel and are happy in their work. Rehabilitation facilities are also available, including ultrasound therapy, magnetic therapy, and laser therapy.

Training Pics

Franklands Farm offers several working student positions to aspiring dressage riders and trainers. The staff is required to live on the premises in a house connected to the stable,  and will benefit from a well-rounded education in the operation of a top competition facility in addition to time spent in the saddle improving their skills.

Working Student Pics